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Do-It-Yourself: Grrrl Zines!

Ein Archiv auf Reisen / A travelling archive

at schmiede06: TRANSFER

in Hallein, Austria

Haydeé Jiménez and Elke Zobl
on invitation of Delphine Mae (MicroFilmMobileCinema)

Supported by Fonds der Landeshauptstadt Salzburg zur Förderung von Kunst, Wissenschaft und Literatur and a Marie Curie International Reintegration Grant within the 6th European Community Framework Programme.

The Schmiede is "a trading place for ideas, focusing on team work, communication and creation. It is a playground (space, infrastructure and time) where the international Schmiede-network comes together every year for ten days, to create a flexible centre for the exchange of information, knowledge, ways and means to cooperate" ( Grrrl Zine Network had the opportunity to create a fanzine reading lounge and exhibit to compliment the themes of the Microfilmcinema festival that occurred during schmiede06: TRANSFER from September 22-25, 2006. Haydeé Jiménez, who was a participant of the TRANSFER work festival as an electronic music producer, also set up a zine exhibit in one of the large rooms of the abandoned salt factory in Hallein. Hanging zines from the ceiling to create hand and eye level access to the zines created interaction in this exhibit. Visitors were able to look around and sit down to read a few personal/political/Do-It-Yourself accounts written by young women from around the world. The themes exhibited in the Microfilmcinema festival – women produced media, Do-It-Yourself, and love and anarchy – were complimented with zines of similar content.

Schmiede Hallein, Austria
schmiede [AT] ca [DOT] at
September 20-30, 2006

Email me if you would like to know more at elke_zobl [at]


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