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Page Me! the art of zines, comix and other artist-made books Page Me was an exhibition of artist-made books, self-published zines and alternative comics on view from January 10 - February 21 in Cleveland, Ohio. "Curated by Christa Donner (SPACES, Ladyfriend Zine) and Chris Conti (Wexner Center for the Arts), this exhibition features the work of over 100 artists from Ohio and across North America who create books as works of art, including selections loaned from the extensive artists' book collection at the Cleveland Institute of Art. Curl up in our reading room and sample everything from high tech internet book projects to low-budget xeroxing to one-of-a-kind sculptural books. "

Outspoken Clothing "Outspoken Clothing, your source for politically and socially conscious apparel, buttons, mugs, mousepads, and much more. We've got great stuff for progressives and liberals, feminists, lesbian, gay, and bisexual people, vegetarians, and environmentalists. We are a small women-owned company and design all of our products ourselves. Our new line is printed on 100% sweatshop-free clothing! By Karin and Christine "two left-wing feminist semi-hippy cyber-radicals living in Los Angeles." Email them at:

Guerilla Girls
your cultural conscience
"The Guerrilla Girls are a group of women artists, writers, performers, film makers and arts professionals who fight discrimination. Dubbing ourselves the conscience of culture, we declare ourselves feminist counterparts to the mostly male tradition of anonymous do-gooders like Robin Hood, Batman, and the Lone Ranger. We wear gorilla masks to focus on the issues rather than our personalities. We use humor to convey information, provoke discussion, and show that feminists can be funny. In sixteen years we have produced over 70 posters, printed projects, and actions that expose sexism and racism in the art world and the culture at large. Our work has been passed around the world by kindred spirits who consider themselves Guerrilla Girls too. The mystery surrounding our identities has attracted attention and support. We could be anyone; we are everywhere." If you don't knwo them already, check thei great site and newest book out!


"It's a touring exhibition of Australian self-publishing, specifically, zines, ezines and comics. There are over 100 publications exhibited, though this may vary from state to state depending on the Literature Classification guidelines and laws of each state.
The Cutnpaste website is made up of:
1. ABOUT CUTNPASTE: what cutnpaste is all about, the design perspectives of the people who worked on it, censorship of publications, credits, sponsors and friends.
2. TOUR: dates, venues + the virtual tour that evolves as the tour progresses
3. EXHIBITION: - profiles of all exhibited publications
- highlights from the National Young Writers Festival
- a search engine that lets you search the content of exhibited publications
- 'zine etiquette' information, like how and where to get zines and comics
4. FEEDBACK: send your comments, questions or contributions here and read other people's in the Mailbag.
5. RESOURCES: online self-publishing resources and information from zine directories to copyright to zines in libraries. These will be regularly updated, feel free to send in contributions.
6. SITE MAP: the whole cutnpaste site at a glance"

San Francisco Women Artists "San Francisco Women Artists, is a membership cooperative dedicated to encouraging and promoting Bay Area women artists. Our roots go back to the 1880s as the "Sketch Club" of the 1880's, an independent group of women artists who met to share and critique each other's work. SFWA was founded in 1925 as a nonprofit organization." (have linls to other women's and art sites)

Stella MarrsCheck these feminist postcards and notecards by Stella Marrs! (Olympia, online catalog)

"The Blood Sisters Project
::: when the private becomes public :::
Blood Sisters is an exciting launching pad girl base fueling action to combat the silence surrounding our female bodies. we are girls using our own feminine protection to work against the corporate and cultural constructions of menstruation. we are concerned with the serious health, environmental and psychological ramifications of the toxic feminine hygiene industry and are fighting to stop the whitewash on all fronts. born out of a guerilla girl recyclable pad distribution network, we are an ever growing group generating more creative projects to raise awareness surrounding menstrual girl-body politics. these include publishing zines, weaving a web girl network, terrorizing bathroom walls, giving healthy health workshops, organizing art exhibits, distributing affordable, alternative products, sharing n boycotting, tabling n lobbying, stitching n bitching and always with winged power."

Sticker Sisters"Sticker Sisters is...a project dedicated to the creation and spread of products with positive messages for girls." Have a look at the online catalog with posters, buttons, shoe-laces...

One angry girl designs -  taking over the world, one shirt at a timeGreat feminist T-shirt design by one angry girl!

Anonymous Girls “Anonymous Girls is a young women's arts and activism group from the Boston area, stemming out of the Variotee craze of the late late 90s. (...) We hope to create an ongoing space for women to display their talents in a culture that does not believe that women's art/music/writing is important. Through doing this we want to strengthen our feminist art and activist community, and to inspire more women to go out there and take care of business!” (website inactive 21/02/2006)

The World’s Women On-line  -
Electronic Art Networking
A resource on international women artists: "The World's Women On-Line! is an electronic art networking project originally established to be presented at the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, China in 1995. Utilizing the Internet as a global exhibition format, this site focuses attention on the challenge of bringing the vast resource of women's experience and culture into the rapidly developing field of information technology. The World's Women On-Line! demonstrates the professionalism and achievement of women artists internationally; bridges language barriers through art imagery; and promotes the interdisciplinary collaboration between technologists and artists."

Beer for Girls" 100% D.I.Y shirts, stickers, patches, magnets, bondage, music, zines, and vintage all dirt cheap.”

Cre8tive Cre8tions DIY by Jules: "Not only can you find great craft and diy (do it yourself) ideas but you can purchase products too!! (...) New products include diy t-shirts, new soaps, and the "terra pot" (also available in the soap suds section). The laundro diy store is open!! A store I have cre8ted and managed to carry not only my diy but also the work of many other vendors--vendor space is available so apply today!"  (website inactive 21/02/2006)

Paper People Clothing
"Original handbags and accessories by Jennifer Nobuko Fukushima. All bags and accessories are handcrafted using new and vintage fabrics and materials. Punk and rockabilly designs, pin up girls and pop art, retro nostalgia and more.

Queenbee Creations DIY fashion - 100% homemade by Rebecca!

Remorsecode BluesButtons like "Have you hugged your zinester today?"!

Slinkster Patchwork "Slinkster Patchwork is an independent little patchwork clothing business which has been operating in full swing since February 1999. My mission is to give you quality clothing, handcrafted with love and care, made to last and designed to perfection. Custom work is available, as well as premade and even wholesale clothing in small quantities." (Kat does shirts, skirts, dresses, pants,...) (website inactive 21/02/2006)

DIVA creations DIVA creations and the DIVA Creations zine. (website inactive 21/02/2006)

Two Girls & A Garage

Krista and Alicia are selling great grrrl T-shirts, e.g."be the women you are and not the doll you are sold" and cool patches, buttons and stickers! "we want people to realize how great it can be to support do-it-yourself businesses. we hope to grow by adding new designs as often as time and $$ allow. our priorities are to keep prices low, and to keep this accessible to everyone." (website inactive 21/02/2006)

Hag Rag"Home of Hag Rag Cloth Pads™ and TATTOOS by Tanya "Pinky" Goldberg": "The Hag Rag catalog is a witch, womyn, menstrual, art and creative resource. It is a place to dream, vent, rage and explore both new and very old ideas. It is a place to find one-of-a-kind handmade items in a prefabricated cookie cutter cluttered world. The Hag Rag Catalog is a forum for crafty creations & information. This inludes: re-usable cloth menstrual pads, witchy jewelry, spells, recipies, poetry, writing, artwork, my tattoo artwork, t-shirts, pantiez, & an everchanging array of contact info & creations from other hags." (Tanja Goldberg, NY) 


"The Jacksonville Area Sexual Minority Youth Network, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to building a safe space for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trangender, questioning youth under the age of 24 that will nurture their health and well-being and enhance pride and self-esteem. JASMYN is open to ALL youth regardless of their sexual orientation." Part of the Jasmyn project is selling buttons, you can also get a print catalog. (FL)

My Own Brain/
Not Good Not Bad Clothing
"MyOwnBrain productions began about 7 years ago in western MA with one restless, genius, angst ridden grrrrl. In the Beginning it was just Day Xanadu zine,some custom made clothing, DIY and Riot Grrrl, but we have grown and expanded today to include many other projects, wether it be promoting some gifted artist at their craft, collaborating with old skoolers from way back in the scene, or spreading the word about MOB own upcoming projects......" Have a catalog with last years design! (NY)

Anarchist Clothing Collective "Carissa began the Anarchist Clothing Collective because she envisioned a strong independent alternative to the clothing industry. A clothing industry where there are no sweatshops, no fashion rules, no waste, no competition. She met Rachel through an article she wrote in a fanzine called Heartattack. Rachel had been having the same issues with the clothing industry and wanted to create an alternative as well. So, Rachel and Carissa started working on an autonomous workplace that makes freedom possible for more people by setting up a network where we can all work and survive using our most useful and treasured skill, our creativity." Panties, bags, accesoires, shirts, (website inactive 21/02/2006)

Hot rock's film list This is a list of grrrl (independent) films like "All over me" (with content descroption). So whenever you rent a movie, check this page before! (website inactive 21/02/2006)

"First Story - Women Building/New Narratives for the 21st Century"

A women's exhibition taking place in Porto, Portugal. I did a part on grrrl zines.
regina A magazine by the artist Regina Moeller (from Germany).

Women Space Work"womenspacework is an international networking structure and a transversal platform connecting feminist theory and practice. womenspacework offers a virtual architecture to research projects and connects activities for/by women/lesbians within the web."

Angry Girl"Angry Girl has a wide variety of sayings that we print on Girls Baby T's, Girls Spaghetti Strap Tanks, and Men's T-shirt. Here's a list of 10 of our most popular saying, if you would like a list of all of our sayings, please e-mail us your snail mail address and we will be more than happy to send you our color catalog as well as our list of over 300 sayings! (You can bet there gonna be angry!)"
Contact them at:
18434 Oxnard St.
Tarzana, CA 91356

girl-positive badges
Get self-made girl-positive badges! (website inactive 21/02/2006)

plan B for the type A´s Harvard University´s one and only all-girl band, plan B for the Type A´s blend hardcore , riot grrrl, and melodic punk in this DIY project.



"HER NOISE is a season of installations, events, performances and screenings by a wide network of artists whose practice involves the use of sound as a medium. A diverse range of artists will gather throughout 2005 and 2006 to participate in events and exhibitions in a number of venues across the UK and beyond."
Contact curators:
38 Kingsland Road
4 Perseverance Works
London E2 8DD
(added 03/04/2005)

Ladyfest Europe
"Ladyfest ... is a non-profit event organised by women; it aims to showcase the talents of female artists, activists and performers. It is organised by a group of women and girls from all over Europe via an e-group. Most of the committee members are from the 'Riotgrrrl Europe' network." "The one-stop web resource on women + electronic music", have a great links section and much much more...Thanks Christiane for this link!

Nice Girls Do Spit
A site dedicated to girlbands and female vocalists
"This is a site dedicated to women in music and related fields.(...) I planned on doing this homepage, because I am always busy with music, either making music or listening to music, preferably girlbands." Provides many links to grrrl bands. (Janneke from Netherlands)

Ladyfests LADYFEST TOOK PLACE AUGUST 2000 and on this archive site you find links to other ladyfests going on:
LADYFEST SCOTLAND (Glasgow) AUGUST 12-14, 2001
LADYFEST MIDWEST (Chicago) AUGUST 16-19, 2001

Ladyfest Midwest
"Ladyfest Midwest is coming at you with your national faves and Midwestern flaves. Hundreds of opportunities to expand your mind, pick up a skill, idolize your favorite rockstar, filmaker, or artist, and meet others who want to see a world that you see. "
Featuring, interviewing and linking grrrl punk bands. A great resource site.

Chainsaw Records
From tracy + the plastics, the need, team dresch to sleater kinney, heavens to betsy, the third sex...Chainsaw records has the grrrl music you want to listen!

K Records
"Exploding the teenage underground into passionate revolte against the corporate ogre sinde 1982". K Records has LP's, CD's, 7"'s, comps, t-shirts, bags, K wallets & more, new releases (e.g. Chicks on Speed), videos, zines, cassettes & re-issues...just have alook at the online catalog and you will be blown away!

Kill Rock Stars"Kill Rock Stars is an independent record label founded in 1991 by Slim Moon and based in Olympia, WA. Originally intended to release spoken word seven inches under the "wordcore" moniker, it quickly expanded to become a punk rock rock and roll label thru the release of a compilation, some rock seven inches, and albums and EPs. The first bands "on" Kill Rock Stars included Unwound, Witchypoo, Bikini Kill, and Huggy Bear. Unlike all major labels and many indie labels, profit is not our primary motivation. Kill Rock Stars is dedicated to releasing high quality meaningful recordings in a manner that is fair and respectful to the artists. The system that makes rock stars wants us to believe that we have no choices except the handful they give us but they don't even bother to give us good choices, just lame ones. KRS just wants to give you some good stuff to listen to that actually means something to counteract the empty and boring stuff you see on TRL or whatever."

Mr LadyMr. Lady is owned and operated by Kaia Wilson and Tammy Rae Carland. We started Mr. Lady for a number of reasons, partly because we felt like there weren't enough women &/or dyke run record labels and there are even fewer affordable and accessible means of distributing work by independent video artists and film makers." House amazing bands like The Butchies, Le Tigre, Sarah Dougher,... their catalog covers not only music but also videos and T-shirts&stuff, check it out!

Villa VillakulaThe Villa Villakula label started in 1994 in nyc. this is a personal site and the story how the label came about ...  

The Transfused (Nomy Lamm and the Need)"The Transfused, a new full length rock opera in the tradition of "Jesus Christ Superstar" and The Who's "Tommy," will debut this summer at the historic Capitol Theater in Olympia, Washington. The Transfused will appeal to punks, activists, queers, and music and theater lovers of all kinds, using the full theatrical experience to entertain and enthrall while simultaneously experimenting with concepts of gender, (dis)ability, disease, addiction, community, social change, compassion and humanity. The product of over a year's work, this project brings together the diverse talents of musicians, performers, designers and countless others from Olympia and beyond. Grassroots in the truest sense, The Transfused is a triumph of the DIY (do-it-yourself) spirit, showing what people can accomplish with the right inspiration, motivation, and community resources.(...) The original score of The Transfused features the collaborative force of vocalist/lyricist Nomy Lamm with Radio Sloan and Rachel Carns, a songwriting team best known as The Need.(...)"
" (website inactive 21/02/2006)

Playground - A Heavens to Betsy Page Athena features a Discography, Non-LP Lyrics, LP Lyrics, Bass Tabs, Live Photos and Links (1997-1999). (website inactive 21/02/2006). You can fin other Heavens to Betsy links in :

Bratmobile A stite by the band members which covers Interview with Bratmobile, records photos, and you can even listen to their records!

The Grrrlbands Webring "Every website that features at least one female or female fronted band, or female musician, can join. All underground music styles are okay. Also websites of zines, distros, record labels and projects that focus on female music are welcome. The site's language is not important as long as it's about female underground music.Feel free to email me if you have some questions"

Rockerchick"Rockerchick is a site for girls in bands and their supporters, providing a valuable resource for the exchange of information and plain old networking.
Featuring reviews of stores and venues, calendar listings of chick bands playing in NYC/Boston/DC, a photo gallery, and a monthly zine, Rockerchick aims to serve women left cold by acoustic-folk "women's music."
Founded by Dahlia Schweitzer in response to what she felt was a lack of community both in the NYC area and beyond, she hopes to help female musicians utilize each other for support and mutual promotion."

No Concessions"No Concessions Rds (NC Rds) is a London(UK)-based punk, HC, indie pop and underground pop record label, with an emphasis on female, queer and foreign bands. We have released (or are about to release) records, tapes, CDs, compilations
with Goofball, Blue Minkies, Bratmobile, Pussy Face,
Ladyfest Scotland 2001 daytime bands (Lianne Hall, Cria Cuervos, Flamingo 50...) and many more to come...

Thunderbaby Records"The great girl-group-label for cool chicks! est.1991
... is a record label for girl-groups with attitude. THUNDERBABY recs. especially releases 7''-singles in limited editions, colored vinyl, with exceptional covers and postersleeves and pretty little gimmicks like stickers, kinky stuff or even 'little bags with green slime'!?
In this strange times of technologie and CD you need a good deal of idealism and conviction for such a kind of record label. But as an ambitioned vinyl-collector and 7''-singles-fetishist, the label-Girl knows about the unbelievable lust and the interests of those, who love the little black (colored) disc. (so what would be greater than a dreamy crackin' of an old punk-rock-single or, to stay with the girls, of an Jean & the statesiders 7''?)
Especially 'underground-bands' like the conception of releasing extra-ordinary vinyl and consequently create collector pieces. A little nostalgic thought may creep in but still livin' it up than feeling cramped...
Anouschka started with THUNDERBABY RECORDS in 1991, because she's a collector of girl-group records from the 50's-60's-area till todays 90's.
So it was a clear-cut to release only girl-groups. Besides that 7''-inch-Vinyl is her favourite disc, so THUNDERBABY recs. became a Girl-Group-7-inch-singles-label !!
Now there is also an exciting divison of Thunderbaby, called THUNDERWOMAN especially for CD & Longplay- Releases!
So watch out!
THUNDERBABY recs. is not specialized in a type of music, but the spirit is punkrock, sixties and surf, screamin' guitars & noise, which is decisive to select the bands. It's the merciless and uncompromising thought, that justifies the extravagant styling of this loved vinyl disc!

Grrrl Band Network
Grrrl Band Network's aim is to help unsigned grrrl bands in the UK: (website inactive 21/02/2006)

Plaid Skirts Records

"Plaid Skirt Records is a small DIY label. It doesn't matter what kind of music you or your band plays, if you've got compassion then this label is interested in you. From punk to folk, emo to ska, PSR is interested in diversity. While we may release an abundance of one genre of music, this does not mean that is the only type of music we release. So, send us your demo!" Run by Kat, Washington DC. (website inactive 21/02/2006)

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