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Here you can find rebellious feminist zines: grrrl and lady zines, riot grrrl zines, transgender zines, zines by grrrls of color, lesbian/queer zines and many others! Drop me an email when you know of zines not listed here or if I haven't listed your incredible zine yet!!

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Riot Grrrl Zines & Resources
"Riottemptresses was a zine published by the Riot Grrrl Kentucky chapter based in Lexington, KY in the early 1990s." Quoted from ZineWiki.
(added 14/6/2007)

riot grrrl

"riot grrrl was a free mini zine begun by Molly Neuman of the band Bratmobile, with contributions from bandmate Allison Wolfe, both of who also published Girl Germs. [The zine] was published in the early 1990's in Washington D.C. and, later, Olympia, WA. The title came about when Molly combined Red Rover editor Jen Smith's suggestion for a zine called "Girl Riot", with Tobi Vail's expression "angry grrrl scene", which she used in her zine Jigsaw to describe this nascent movement." Quoted from ZineWiki.
(added 14/6/2007)

Riot Grrrl DC
"Riot Grrrl DC was a zine put out by the 1992 chapter of Riot Grrrl DC. The full-size zine featured writings on how to start a Riot Grrrl chapter in your city, how to support women, and what Riot Grrrl is and isn't." Quoted from ZineWiki.
(added 14/6/2007)

"Psychobitch was a zine put out by the Riot Grrrl Indiana chapter based in Martinsville, Indiana in the early 1990s." Quoted from ZineWiki.
(added 14/6/2007)

Out, Damn Spot
"Out, Damn Spot was a perzine with a Riot Grrrl slant done by Penny. Five issues of the New York based Out, Damn Spot appeared in the 1990's. Editor Penny writes, "I work... to create a balance between colloquial expression and literary expression." In issue five she attempts to do so by the juxtaposition of the lyrics of Human League's "Don't You Want Me?" with her own thoughts, drawings and observations. At the same time, Penny says, "I love being young because I don't have to use big words if I don't want to...", so her zine remains unpretentious and accessible. Also included in various issues are fanzine reviews; coverage of the Riot Grrrl D.C. Convention; reviews of NYC shows by bands such as Wench, Prunella, Babes In Toyland and Fifth Column; an essay on sexuality in the work of artists Michelangelo, Egon Schiele and Robert Mapplethorpe; and much frank discussion about sex." Quoted from ZineWiki.
(added 14/6/2007)

Kindergarden Moshpit "Kindergarden Moshpit is a Riot Grrrl zine. Previously the editor had released a feminist/Riot Grrrl zine called Pretty on the Inside, co-edited with a friend. The two editors drifted apart and many of Moshpit's editor's ideas had changed since then, so she decided to start her own zine. She writes, "I'm still not completely sure what the purpose of Kindergarden Moshpit will be, I'm not aiming for anything specific. Maybe its a search to 'find myself' or some shit like that. Who knows". Quoted from ZineWiki.
i_heart_babydoll [AT]
(added 13/6/2007)

Broken Hymen Zine

-Punkrawk Crossword -Personal Note Collection -Random top 10 loves of what is Kool -Dinosaur Jr. 2005 -Bob Dylan Essay & Key Track Guide -Friendship Station (penpal guide) -Album of the Year Review: And you will Know us by the Trail of Dead w/ complete disco and new release guide. -Chris Dendel Thought of Day preview collection -Ladyfest Out West Submission Infomation 2006 -Dirty Skye Submission & mini catolog -Vox Feminista -Rape Crisis -Zine writting Inspirtion article -LadyFest East 2006 Infomation -Top 10 List of :________ -Mix Tape suggestions -30 Day documentaion sign up -WHY music Heals -Zine connection."
broken.hymen.web [AT]
(added 22/03/2007)

Kill Rock Stars
"KRS's mission is to continue putting out exceptional records by important artists, and our tradition of being queer-positive, feminist, and artist-friendly continues as well. We are now distinguished by being one of the few female-run indie labels in the US, which we are proud of, but all that really means is get out there and start your record labels, ladies!"
krs [AT]
120 NE State Ave
PMB 418
Olympia, WA 98501
(added 22/03/2007)

Prisca Grrl
An online riot grrrl zine in English and German by Prisca (Frankfurt).

(added 10/11/2002)
in Bikini Kills Keller...
...ein feministisches Forum


"Unter dem Motto "in Bikini Kills Keller" haben wir ein feministisches Webboard auf die Beine gestellt. Ich denke, das könnte eine gute Diskussions-, Informations und Organisationslattform sein für Feminismus, Musik, Riot Gurls und alles was halt dazugehört." Evelyn aus Marburg.
(added 20/01/2005)


Riot Girl

This is a riot grrrl web site with information on riot grrrl, history of riot grrrl, riot grrrl links, events lists, forum and you can even listen to a view riot grrrl music and videos. This site is in French. Check it out!
(added 22/03/2007)


riot grrrl brampton
Houses articles on riot grrrl, a chapter list, a comprehensive list of girl-positive sites, girl focused web-rings, quotes, listings of grrrl paper and e-zine and lots more!

retard grrrl
"An online riot grrrl zine" by Leily with great layout!

Riot Grrrl World newsletter
(coming out of Europe)
Unite the riot grrrls, on paper and online:
Go check: the INTERNATIONAL RIOT GRRRL message board!!! The "Riot Grrrl World newsletter" website is brandnew and under construction. It will contain all issues
of the Riot Grrrl World newsletter, ready to print. links to RIOT GRRRL WORLD newsletter #1 (frontpage) + RIOT GRRRL WORLD newsletter #1 (backside). You can make copies of the newsletter and give them to people who might be interested.Contact Nina:
flapper_grrrl [AT]

(added 02/02/2004)

Riot Not Diet
"This zine was born during a workshop about zines at the Riot Not Diet action day organised by the Riot Grrrl Collectief in Hasselt. It includes our opinions on beauty standards in collages and drawings. Also photos of the Riot Not Diet action and exhibition are included.
flapper_grrrl [AT]

(added 01/9/2005)

Riot Grrrl Online "I wanted to make a riot grrrl resource/information site. I also wanted to connect other riot grrrls to each other by making the site and that's when I decided to start 'Riot Grrrl Online'. I made this site to be a start to reviving riot grrrl. The site started on angelfire, then moved to, and now it is here on ...I decided to make the Riot Grrrl Online Message Board in November 2005 as part of the 'Riot Grrrl Online' site. It is a place to meet other riot grrrls, discuss riot grrrl, and perhaps to revive the movement. The message board/forum is riot grrrl/feminist focused, but also discusses other topics."
Flapper Gathering
"Flapper Gathering is a zine I started making for Riot Grrrl Belgium, to give people in (and outside of) Belgium some more info about riot grrrl, riot grrrl-related projects and writings about feminism/ activism/ DIY/ gender/ anti-capitalism/ art and more. #1 has writings on the grrrl scene in Belgium, feminism, DIY stuff, an interview with the O.G. Panty Complex, etc. #2 has writings Corin Tucker, reports, an interview with Die Bitch, DIY stuff, etc. #3 includes articles on beauty standards, menstruation, gender, sexism in hardcore, an interview with Tanja of Bunnies On Strike, etc. #4 includes an interview with Jeanne Spicuzza and articles about body hair, gender, soul sisters and more. #5 contains a special section about girl-owned labels and also reports of actions and articles about anarchism and DIY ideas. All zines are size A6 because I like that "pocket size". I'm releasing the zine on my grrrl-run independent label & press Echo:"
Email Nina:
nina [AT]
(added 04/09/2003, revised 01/2005)

Echo Records
"Through Echo Records/Press, I want to put out some of the great things feminists, girls, genderqueers and boiz create. So go and be creative & active yourself! Don't leave it to the 'experts'. Do it yourself!"
nina [AT]
(added 22/03/2007)

Stylus Zine
"We at Skribble Records have decided to create a zine!... So keep an eye out for our very own Stylus Zine which will be available to buy over this website (50p...bargain!)
The first issue will include interviews with Hop-Skotch Heros, Lusk, Freezer Burn and Miss The Occupier among others.
Also music/film/book reviews aswell as articles about life and culture. All with a slightly grrl twist of the original zine scene!
If anybody wishes to contribute or be featured in future issues of Stylus send an email and leave some details!" Quoted from the Skribble Records web site.
skribblerecords [AT]
(added 22/03/2007)

Skribble Records
"My interests lie in female fronted/ all girl bands but by no means are we gender exclusive.
I'm heavily influenced by the Riot-Grrl movement but love all types of music. My true aim is to release music thats different from the "norm" in todays hideous music industry. Send some tunes my way....go on surprise me!" Quoted from the Skribble Records web site.
skribblerecords [AT]
(added 22/03/2007)

Southpole Record & Distro "Nuestra idea es lanzar material de banda integradas totalmente por mujeres o al menos con vocalista femenina in cualquier estilo dentro del rock no comercial. Como proximo proyecto es la edicion de un fanzine en formato copia,abrir una pequeña distro.Estamos muy emocionados de como las cosas van funcionando hasta ahora, pero no esta todo dicho, mantente en contacto con nosotros por que definitivamente hay muchas nuevas cosas por venir." Quoted from website. Southpole Records is a music and zine distro which supports female musicians in any style of non-commercial rock.
recontrapunk [AT] 
(added 22/03/2007)


Alkaline Sheba

A fanzine that covers riot grrrl, reviews, rants, punk, feminism.
London , UK
alkalinesheba [AT]

Activity Girl Zine

"We all got together through meeting on the 'net, on The Void (channel 4 teletext music board) and through Riot Grrrl Lincs, which sadly folded due to mysterious circumstances..but hey we came back! Bigger, brighter and better than before! Activity Grrrl Zine is in its very early stages yet, but eventually it's gonna be a proper paper as well as an online zine, filled with a mish mash of punk/ska/ukhc/indie/ alternative etc/riot grrrl/feminism/columns/ reviews/shows/a tape trading list and general all round cool stuff :) We're from all over, Lincoln, Nottingham, and Sheffield to name a few places, which gives us even more chance of creating this mega network of people sharing music, meeting each other, starting bands and going to shows. 100% DIY is where it's at!"

Bondage Up Yours : Experiences of female punks in the nineteen ninties

"Just what is says on the tin. Bondage up yours in the dissertation of long-time punk Michelle Liptrot, who sets out to investigate the female punk experience of the 90s. Set largely in the north (horay!) topics include: punk and the conventional image of femininity, experiences of discrimination, everyday lives of female punks and feminism and sexism within the punk scene. Her work includes lots of interviews, extracts and personal wisdom. Great stuff." Quoted from Cause & Effect Distro.

Catch That Beat!
A supercool Riot Grrrl zine by Yayoi. I first read about her in an interview she did with Good Girl #2 (Canada) and I was so thrilled, I immediately emailed her and she sent me her lovely zine. I just love her cover of the summer 2000 "That Zine That Would Be Queen" issue! Check her web site (the zine and the web site are mostly in Japanese)


"In solidarity, supporting ladies in hardcore!"
Zine and distro.
Barcelona, Spain

clitocorezine [AT]
(added 16/06/2006, updated 21/11/2006)


Issue 2 of CLIT ROCKET! is just out with the follow stuff: GB JONES AND THE BITH OF QUEERCORE, S/HE of Minnie Bruce Pratt, DERREK JARMAN Biography, haum scarum interview, world pride in roma & tribe 8 interview, haggard interview, raunchy reclkess and the amazons, sublime mutations & del la grace volcano, me & kathy acker of the sublime mutations, diamanda galas, p.p. pasolini, stone butch blues of leslie feinberg, joan nestle, lesbian bithces, michelle tea!
It's all wrriten at computer and in english language! By VERUSKA O.:
clitrocket [AT]

Document One

"I hate that hierarchy in art that says music (white boy with guitar) is the most important and most interesting kind of punk art, and it deserves the most attention and all the other forms of art needs to take the backseat. I want to destroy this- I think I can be a rock star with my words. No guitars."
PO Box 4702
Portland , OR 97208
riotnotdiet [AT]


"# 2 - Zine HC/punk D.I.Y. Interviews de Costa's cake house, Submerge, Unholy grave, Cheerleaders of the apocalypse, Tidal, Abstraction/Abstr-act/Inertie, chroniques disques, zines et livres. 40 p A4, 120 g. prix libre
# 3 - Chroniques zines, disques, interviews : Retch, HK, Human error, texte. Présentation ciseaux/colle." Quoted from Diffusons Distro.
diffusons [AT]

Endemoniada webzine
This zine "is dedicated to giving exposure to female bands and artists of the metal, hardcore, punk, industrial, gothic, and bizarre genre. Women in the scene aren’t our only focus we balance our zine with interview of male oriented bands and other underground personalities. We seek to balance the gender role within our musical scene. For a long time females performers, bands and artists of this music were barely covered and we decided to do something about it."
EndemoniadaZine [AT]

Featuring, interviewing and linking grrrl punk bands. A great resource site.

"Grrrl:rebel is a riot grrrl/feminist punk zine. Our missions are simple – to promote underground female acts from all over the world, to raise awareness among the girls in the punk/HC scene. We write about lotsa things including women’s issues, punk, DIY, riot grrrls etc. Also, you could find scene reports, columns by out contacts from all over the world, comic strip, music, zine and gig reviews, girl bands pics etc. Take note - We would only interview all-grrrl bands, not that we are sexists or fascists but the girl bands don’t get much exposure. We have 3 issues to date."
Rizal/carol/elise, Kuala Terengganu. MALAYSIA
Read more about this zine in the

Grrls with Mascara grrrls with mascara è un blog con varie informazioni su riot grrrls e ragazze che si esprimono con l'arte (musica, teatro, libri, mostre, progetti etc..)
riotgrrrlsitalia [AT]

Houskeepr Inc.

English and Italian
"it's just begun!!
Casa Discografica Femminile Femminista
GiRls & MuSiC? I N I T A L Y
Maybe in YouR CounTry ThIs is a Reality But Here, in Italy, thinking of a giRl-musIc community still sounds as an UtoPia.
HouSeKeEper Inc. is not just a 'label', Housekeeper inc. is an 'all italian grrl project'.
We ThiNk that in our sexist Nation the creation of a ReaL community 4 every grrl - who makes & produces music and art - iS poSsIblE.
We BeliEve in the idEa that EverY artist must have the OppoRtuniTy to play and proMote her WoRkS, without prejudices, supported bY a TeaM that doesn'T thinK oF her onLy in Terms of prOfiTs and moNey.
But also, We wOuld lIke to open Our couNtrY to ForeiGn influencEs!
We dO oRganIze TouRs aND disTribute any KinD of MaTerials..
So, If u Play iN a girlBand,iF u aRe a solo artist, If yoU are InteRested in conquerIng 'thE olD ItalY', juSt seNd uS yr tapes/cds/7", and gEt in Touch with uS!!!" Housekeeper Inc., Lissone, Italy
housekeeperinc [AT]

Kristy's Riot Grrrl Review

This website by Kristy is a great resource site for feminist fanzines, resources, and music from 1994-1999! LOTS and LOTS of riot grrrl zine reviews!!! Kristy Chan
Florida, USA

Kitty Magic
"Kitty Magik was started in 1996 and was primarily a cut-n-paste zine. it has just recently become a larger, professionally printed zine. Kitty Magik is a creative outlet dedicated to informing the public about the many different individuals who produce independent, innovative creations in the fields of music, writing, art, film, photography, and other various forms of expression in our world today." marisa does interviews with amazing grrrls! past interviews include: Kathleen Hanna, Tobi Vail, Evelyn McDonnell, Tami Hart, Molly Neuman and many more! Check for past and forthcoming issues! No. 6 is out end of December.
kitty magik (marisa),
kittymagikzine [AT]

Ovary Action
Babes in Boyland

"OvaryAction is an Oslo-based, Yeasty Grrlz- inspired fanzine that is distributed on a monthly basis in the best Norwegian record stores and venues. The editors and collaborators let their imagination and creativity run wild on feminist, anti-conformist-sexist-"rankist" themes, enhanced with music that rock their world to the point of dizzyness. Interviews, reviews, short-stories, burst of laughters (or anger and tears) and comic strips complete the atomic recipe to challenge boundaries and suffocating categories. Queer Freedom! OvaryAction and Babes in Boyland are deeply connected since the former was created by half of the latter after she had moved to Scandinavia. Complementarity has thus been displaced, not destroyed: southern and norther music tastes and concerns are still closely related. OvaryAction is open to all who feel the urge to express themselves in this free space. So send us reviews, reactions, interviews, drawings, pictures... You can now hear OvaryAction on the net:
, every Sat afternoon, from 4 to 5. Send us your demo!!! OvaryAction
c/o radiorakel
PO Box 6836 St Olavs Plass
0130 Oslo, Norway
ovaryactionmail [AT]

Pink Punkies
A riot grrrl goup from Argentina! In Spanish and English.

Red Letter Day (Singapore)

"Red Letter Day is a zine by Peishan from Singapore which mixes personal essays with interview and profiles of musicians & other artists, as well as other things.
This issue includes interviews with New Zealand punk band Sommerset, Hong Kong's Whence He Came, music/ performance artists KYTV and Tiramisu and New Zealand comics artist Ant Sang (The Dharma Punks). Peishan also writes smart and thoughtful pieces about attending an art event responding to the Iraq war, soundtracks to life, the state of the world, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, dream memories, thinking about Chinese identity in the context of traditions, language and not being "from China", her roadtrip through New Zealand, and more. Five writers contribute interpretations of an odd picture, and the zine is rounded off with a few pages of zine and music reviews." Quoted and available to order at Moonrocket Distro .

Riot Grrrl Belgium

"#4 Body hair, Ladyfest Amsterdam 03, Jeanne Spicuzza,Let’s smash patriarchy together,Ladyfest Belgium 03, rape and torture in Iraq, art& activism reports, bender gender, reviews. #5 Interviews: RIOT NOT DIET, girl run labels like Porca Madonna, Emancypunx, Echo, Candy,...Texts about : Le Tigre vs diy electropunk , mini rebelfest, how to make patches,riot grrl & anarchism,quilombo, Mc Donlad, independet & lternative media and reviews." Quoted and available to order from Emancypunx Distro.
nina [AT]


"This is my pen pal Maggie's zine and it is chock full of amazing show photography (pictures of bands/shows like Limpwrist, Bratmobile, Sleater-Kinney, The Gossip, Spitting Teeth, Cold Sweat, and tons more) and not only will you find amazing band photography you will also find little blurbs about each band, her feelings on feeling like an outsider in the hardcore scene, articles/How-Tos on how to silkscreen, vegan photography developing, making patches using the transfer method, as well as a piece on knocking religion and why it's lame, an interview with Bis, and more more more. Very yummy and chock full of eyecandy, although it sort of made me sad that there just is NO scene where i live and shows are almost unheard of. Each cover has a unique photo glued onto it as an added personal touch" Quoted and available to order from Basement Freaks Distro.


Riot Grrrl International Message Board

"For this project to grow and really become alive we need you all grrrls around the world. This board is born with the idea of setting up this place as a meeting space for communication, discussion, revolution, ideas, creation, all what you want it to be for the enrichment of our World Comunity. Please, Join In and start contributing and enjoying!!!" Says Diana. Join in!

Riot Grrrl Argentina (Argentina)

The web zine of Riot Grrrl Argentina, soon to be in English and German too.I have heard that they have also done a print zine. [This is also listed in the Spanish zine page of this website.]

Rock Out! Ideas on Booking DIY Shows

"Some Chicago women formed a women's booking collective to raise $$ for a health center by putting on independent, DIY, punk, hardcore, hip hop, and spoken word events. This zine, put together by several of the collective members, outlines "lessions leanred" and tips on booking shows. It covers everything from fding housing for bands, working with venues, ideas to get people dancing, fun stuff to have at a show besides music, and lots of stories and ideas on how to address sexism in the music scene." (Ariel who does also "Women's Self Defense" is involved in this excellent zine too!)
Megan Wells
PO Box 5027
Chicago , IL 60680
chicapalta [AT]

Round Things Roll

“Coming home to Portland, with chips, hummus and apples for the 7-hour drive. Tour distills life down to some simple pleasures: a shower, a bed, a breeze, and decent coffee. An appreciative crowd, a sweet flirtatious glance from a stranger, a short drive, a great vegan meal.” "This is primarily a travel zine. I decided to include some great interviews with acoustic punk musicians, on the premise that music and travel are inextricably linked.”
PO Box 11384
Portland , Oregon 97211
RomegRecords [AT]


Riot Kittens Zine

Riot Kittens is a UK based grrrl zine aimed at grrrls everywhere (and maybe even some bois).


Riot grrrl Montreal fanzine

A print zine by Riot Grrrl Montreal (since 1999): "some of our conversation topics are sorta serious, others sorta silly, but they mostly revolve around our main goals which include: seeing more girls in bands -by encouraging- and making sure they aren't condemned for wanting to do so because of their gender. taking action to curb unhealthy images of beauty imposed by society. culture jamming. female solidarity. fighting sexism. encourageing girls to stand up and speak out."

riot grrrl retrospective
(by emplive)


"The EMP Collection houses a wide array of artifacts from the riot grrrl era - recordings, posters, photographs and fanzines, some of which are on display in Northwest Passage, a gallery that traces the history and development of a variety of Northwest musical movements. The Riot Grrrl Retrospective is an in-depth online exhibit that seeks to document and offer new insight into this important musical phenomenon." Uses streaming audio and video as well as artifacts and performance footage and presents the history of riot grrrl as told by the participants." (Not a zine!!)

Riot Girl London zine

RGL (UK)'s zine. Has articles from the members on loads of topics like what riot grrrl/feminism means to us, body image, women in music, women's history, art, street abuse and sooo much more!
Issue 1 contains: what riot grrrl means to us, female drummers, mini kat bjelland interview, body image, sexism in rock, lots of feministy rants & more!
Issue 2 contains: street abuse, riot grrrl, why we're feminists, women in history, guerilla girls/women in art, loads more feminist fabulousness!
Issue 3 contains: men and feminism, beauty, the new riot grrrl, pornography, advertising, and sooo much more!
rglondon [AT] for copies.
(Updated 8/8/04)

riot grrrl directory

"I do this for a friend who complained that there were no riot grrrls near where she lived. there are many of reasons for doing this project; whether yr moving to a new town, you just want to see what's going on in yr area, or if you just want to start up a chapter."
for info on how you can submit:
rgdirect [AT]


No beauty tips or guilt trips

A music (maga)zine: "Women playing music is neither "trend" nor "genre" and ROCKRGRL proves this in every bi-monthly print issue. Readers are treated to intelligent interviews with exceptional women of note from Ani to Yoko as well as poignant essays penned by our own Ann Wilson of Heart." Published every two monthes in Mercer Islandes (WA) (also in print), founded by Carla A. DeSantis.

"She starts out her zine with a scathing letter ominously signed by “the grrrls at the box 11 chapter” along with her rebuttal - a good one that brings up alot of questions about fucked up shit going on in riot grrrl, Lush worship, appreciation of her friends and feeling upset over having to end a friendship where she was taken advantage of, thoughts on images, punk, and beauty, excerpts from the book Women, Sex, and Rock’N’Roll, an Go Sailor lyrics." (from Riot Grrrl Review #3
To order issue #10 1/2, write to
Amy Funaro
Kansas City, MO 64152
(added 31/03/2006)

xStength & Couragex zine
"xSTRENGTH & COURAGEx born as way to promote STRAIGHT EDGE lifestyle, FEMINISM & SOCIAL POLITIC issues and other stuff of interest into hardcore-punk scene." Quoted from website.
hxcstillxlives [AT] 
(added 21/11/2006)

Slug Lettuce
"Another issue of this classic punk zine. Thoughts on various bands, anarchism, alternative living, and of course, the plethora of reviews. newsprint." (from Riot Grrrl Review #3
To order issue #48, write to:
c/o Christine Boarts
PO Box 2067
Peter Stuy. Stn.
NYC, NY 10009-8914
(added 31/03/2006)

"Suki GIrl is mostly clippings from magazines, lengthy reviews of records or zines Joni finds, little eassays and rants, and updates on her life." (from Riot Grrrl Review #3
To order issue #21, 22, 23, 24, write to
PO Box 237
North Freedom, WI 53951
(added 31/03/2006)

Swamp Pussy fanzine

#3: Kittie, Le Tigre, Elastica, Babes inToyland,...
Essex, UK


An archive of riot grrrl information

riot grrrl writings (articles, papers, books)

"This is a cute mini put out by Sewan of Tullycraft and formerly of Crayon. There’s a tour diary of the Tullycraft/Bunnygrunt tour and tons of reviews. Essential for all you budding indie rockers." (from Riot Grrrl Review #3
To order issue #17, write to:
PO Box 20639
Seattle, WA 98102
(added 31/03/2006)

Trippers Zine

"Hardrockinmeanspittingpunkrockdykegrrrl zine from Singapore is here. All your lesbionic rants, music reviews and interviews with people and bands that you'd find interest in done by a dyke editor. Punkrock contradictions, gay expectations, fighting rascism and homophobia form the music scene, everything and whatever. Grit your teeth, wince, smile, show your finger, be a freak and strut your shit, fuck shit up: dykes rule! Hey, I interviewed Lynnee from Tribe 8! Get the issue before it runs out!"
trippers_tm [AT]

Tiskul Memukad (Focused Frustration) (Herzeliya/ Israel)

Vol.1- In Hebrew. Anarcha-Feminist zine from Israel by Daniella and NoA and the xAVSFx Collective (Anarcho Vegan Sisterhood Front). Print issued cost is 5 Shekels (which is 1$). Shovrot-"Hardcore punk against sexism" Compilation CD with Female fronted, Grrlz bands and All male punk bands songs against sexism.
xxavsfxx [AT]

My zine Woami #1 is out in Melbourne, Australia. It's a music based grrl zine with interviews with Sarah Dougher, indie rock band Origami, articles on Sleater-Kinney, and the local music scene, youth radio, etc.. Shaz x0x
fieryrockbabe [AT]
(added 1/5/2003)


„YOU ROCK MY WORLD“ - feminist queer Zine, engl.&german., 48 Pages A4 * female hip hop (hothead mc + duldung)* genderfuck & boygroups * riot grrrlz* aktuelle interviews (veruska outlaw, misster dean, laura litter – fabulous disaster, lynn breedlove – tribe 8)* riots not diets*queer films * comics * feminismus* textversion (engl.) of the Documentary "Step up and be vocal- interviews about queer punk and feminism"* and much more…….
stepupandbevocal [AT]
Bestellen? Orders?
Am liebsten dein Zine (oder was anderes) im Tausch!! I´d love to trade!
Step up and be vocal
Postfach 10 13 26
28013 Bremen


more grrrl, lady and transfolk zines:


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